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Money is always emotional

Money is always emotional

August 04, 2020

We all have some emotional story around money. There are some that we inherited from our families, some that we picked along the way depending on what we experienced in life.

We have shame if we have too much of it; we have shame if we don’t have enough. We cannot share our money questions, worries with others because of all these feelings around it.

That is why I do what I do. My job is to answer your money questions without the emotional attachment. I have always been a data-driven guy. Whatever I do in life, whenever I need to make a choice, I always do a lot of research to make a good decision. I don’t believe anything I hear until I check out the facts. (Yes, I am not one of those people who will share what he sees as soon as he reads it on Facebook). If I share something, you know I took the time to research to see if it was true or not.

I love what I do because I have learned all the options I can offer to my clients in the decades I have been in this business. Just like you did in your own field, I spent countless hours reading, learning, researching, and experiencing lots of different scenarios to be better at what I do.

We all have information at our fingertips and it is easier to access it. It is not easy to understand all the information in depth though unless we spend substantial time on it and have experience in it. We cannot be an expert at all the topics we are interested. We can be very knowledgeable for sure but may not know what we don’t know. Remember the story of a consultant coming to a company to solve a problem and figuring out what the real issue is in 15 minutes and asking for $10K? They were furious to hear he would ask for so much money for such a little time he spent. His answer was “It took me 30 years to be able to figure out your problem in 15 minutes.”  Isn’t that true for all of us who work very hard to do our best? It is not the time we spend to find the best solution for our internal or external clients, it is all the hours and years we spent to be able to offer the best.


I am glad I get to use my skill to gather the most accurate and helpful data for my clients too. I do exactly what I would do for myself. I research the best for that specific need. (Ask my wife, she cannot believe how much time I spent online to choose the best grass for our specific climate, for our backyard, for our soil. I love researching for the best and the time I spend on it is worth it.)


After I have done my research, my job is to show them the different options, pros and cons of all, and make a recommendation that is in their best interest. At that point it is my client’s decision. It is their hard earned money. Having shown them the best options for their money as if it was mine, my conscience is clear. I know I will always do the best for them. (Being independent instead of being forced to stay with only a few options in a company allows me to do that which is my next newsletter topic.)


Not being emotionally attached to your money makes me come up with the best solutions for you. That is the number one advantage to work with someone independent. Since I have an objective, unemotional perspective, it is easier for me to talk about your money.


Money is something we all want more of, but we all know it is what the money will buy us that matters the most. It is not the green banknotes we want; we want what the money will bring to our lives.


I will continue to help my clients achieve their dreams; when I see them living their dreams is the only time I get emotional. It is so rewarding to be part of that journey.